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A reference to identify Hermes scarves by name, designer, year, theme, color and material.

welcome home

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Hello, Scarf Friends!

Welcome to 2017 – with just a little trepidation!  We certainly do live in interesting times.  The Database List is as up-to-date as possible, but I’m always tweaking it for corrections, new information, etc.  Feel free to suggest needed edits.

If you can, take a moment or two & send me photographs of your latest acquisitions – your contributions are what makes this site valuable.  Financial donations are welcome as well, to offset costs involved with such a graphics-intensive catalogue. I do enjoy my involvement on this project – it’s now been a work in progress for 12 years.  I’m also grateful to those who have assisted behind the scenes – you know who you are!

You can Contact Me if you have your own photos to donate, then attach them to my reply – the higher the resolution, the better.  Please let me know if you would like to be listed on our contributors page, or if you wish to remain anonymous.  Corrections are always appreciated; yes, I occasionally make mistakes. 🙂

 A reminder about registration…it’s a little confusing, as you need to register twice – once from the home page here and once inside the catalogue here; I’d suggest using the same password!  However, you only have to do this once, and registering does give you browsing options that aren’t available if you remain an anonymous guest.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if you need help in the registration process, and note that your information will never be shared.

Just a reminder, this site is for educational, non-commercial use and is not an e-commerce site.  All photos used are with the express permission of the photo’s owner for use in this collection only.

I am especially interested in your photos of really old or really new designs, but all are welcome!  Once again, thank you for your support!





9 Responses to “welcome home”

  1. MarianneBR

    Anyone who can give me some more information about this carré: Hermès silk mousseline scarf AMOURS by Annie Faivre. What year is it from, any price information? Hope to find some answers =))

  2. rivercat773

    What a fabulous resource. Particularly for someone new on a “high learning curve.” Thank you so much for making this available.

  3. admin

    I’ve just sent an invitation to our discussion group, pls ask there, as I’m away.


  4. annamaranda

    I’m looking for Hermes Pelages et Camouflage in the purple colorway. It was issued in 2010. One just sold on ebay, around June 5. Would love to find it!
    Thank you,

  5. admin

    I will send you a private email; you can reply with a few photos attached per email, or let me know if photos are available on another site such as FlickR or Shutterfly. Thank you for your contributions!

  6. christmann

    I have many scarfs Hermes and o beautiful photos of squares no colors of which you have, and photos which you have but which are “pixelisées”.
    It is with big pleasure that I can send them to you to complete your so beautiful collection.
    Say to me how can it be done?!
    Very cordially

  7. What a great piece of work. There are no words to describe how helpful this is. Thank you so much.

  8. vbays@fuse.net

    I am trying to find out if my Mother’s Hermes scarf is vintage and if it was reissued in more than one colorway. The name of the scarf is Panache Fantaisie and we have the cream version with a chartreuse border. Other colors in the scarf are aqua,yellow and peach. I have seen the one with the red border but not the one we have.

  9. jrsegal

    Would love to buy Hermes Les Petits Princes (2001, Catherine Bachet), new or good condition, red or blue. Can you help, please?
    Thank you,
    JR Segal

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