HSCI Hermes Scarf Photo Catalogue

A reference to identify Hermes scarves by name, designer, year, theme, color and material.

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If you have registered, you can submit your own photo for possible inclusion here – please note, all photos will be screened/formatted before appearing in the catalogue and will be watermarked HSCI unless otherwise requested:



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One Response to “submit a photo or contact me”

  1. biblioteque96


    I trust my email finds you well.

    Once again I must thank you so much for providing a superb service to those of us who are devotees of Hermes scarves.

    I sent a previous email to thank you and to request joining your discussion group. I do hope you received it. I believe it is possible I made an error in sending it.

    May I please request your expertise in the following situation. I am interested in purchasing a scarf with Jacques Eudel’s “Grand Apparat” design in a lovely lilac color. Since I have read this is one of the designs that counterfeiters frequently attempt to sell, I wish to be certain it is indeed an authentic Hermes.

    I have researched several on-line sites including yours and I have not been able to verify if Grand Apparat was issued in a light lilac color as is being presented. Would you possibly know if it was or how or where I could further research this.

    Unfortunately Hermes was not able to assist me. As you most probably know they do not have as complete an archive as one would expect. I suspect in Paris at Hermes there may be a sanctum sanctorum where one could find this information…

    Thank you so much for your time and for any information you are able to provide.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Most sincerely yours,
    Sharon Burke-Duckor

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