HSCI Hermes Scarf Photo Catalogue

A reference to identify Hermes scarves by name, designer, year, theme, color and material.

A thousand thanks!

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The HSCI Photo Catalogue would not exist without the generosity of many individual members & contributors who have helped fund this website and/or taken the time to provide their own photos for inclusion.  As the catalogue grows and becomes more complete, it becomes easier for everyone to identify unknown designs/artists/year of first issue.  For that, we thank each and every one of you!  If I have inadvertently  forgotten to add your name, just drop me a quick email.

Alexandra J. Burke     Joanne B. Shubert
Angela DeRoberts
Kathy Mansfield
Anne Marie Davis       Ladi
Anonymous (you know who you are)       Lorna Parnell
Bari Corbin    Louise Bracknell
Beth Elliott   Lucetta
Carine Christmann      MaiTai
Carla Galeazzo Marlene Lee
Catherine Matsuyo TompkisonMarsha Reid
Daphne Hope & Douglas Horn     Maura M.
Denise BradshawMichèle Spagnoli
DonauauenjoggerMichael Wichura
Elaine A. LevinSanford
Elzunia102    Solveiga Wallach
 Eva Douglas Tereze Gluck
Huguette RobijnsTangoTosca
Ivettewhat2wear411/Karen Hunter
Jenny Swilley

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